Gel UV LED Nail Lamp

UV NAIL LAMP marble makeup case uv nail lamp nail lamp
40W UV led lamp Marble maeup case Marble makeup bag Eyeshadow pads
Application Nail DIY in home Living kits storage Makeup kits Storage Eyes Make up
Special features Smart sensor Adjustable compartments Waterproof Leather Fit eye corner radian

How to properly connect the light with the socket by adapter?

Tips: Please Connect the adapter and the lamp before plug it to the socket, finally it is turn on the socket, Not only a nail lamp, Other electric machines also.

Can the lamp cure my regular polish?

No, This lamp can dry gel polish, But not for regular polish or any gel that does not contain UV ingredient, So please must confirm that your polish is compatible before purchase. For regular polish, we suggest choose the lamp to include a fan to dry it.

If there are turn on/turn off button? How to turn or off the lamp?

The lamp does not include the Turn/Off Button, But the timer 30s 60s 99s can instead of the turn on and turn off button. Pressing a time, The lamp turns on, Pressing the time again, The lamp turns off.

nail uv lamp

If We need pressing the button again when the time ending?

Of course needn’t

Because we have automatic sensor function

How you can activate the light again? By removing your hand and putting it back under the lights, Without pressing any buttons.

Why not directly to set up time on constant?

If the lamp lighting on constant or long times,The beads of lamp easy heat and shorten the lifespan of the lamp.So convenient to use and prevent irritation of the skin,also keep the lifespan of the lamp,After test,We was set up 30s 60s 99s,(low heat mode)And add automatic sensor function.hope all customer have a good experience of nail art.

About Protect function

Why the light is white closing light blue not purple when we directly to see the it?

Because the purple lights are irritating for eyes and skin,so we were upgrade the design to ensure is perfect for our customers.if you want to see purple color like our main picture,Please try to turn on the lamp in a place with weak light.

What is uv led lamp?If this nail lamp is uv led lamp?

UV led lamp is means make up by LED beads and can emit uv to dry the gel,our lamp includes 21pcs led beads and it can emit uv to dry the gel,so “yes”our lamp is uv led lamp.

gel nail polish kit with uv light


1. The actual voltage must meet the requirements of the machine.

2. Please do not use the lamp when the timer button do not working.

3. Pay more attention to your hands or feet when you curing your nails.

4. If used 99s low heat mode,Try to let the dry time longer than normal.

gel nail polish kit with uv light
gel nail polish kit with uv light
gel nail polish kit with uv light
gel polish light


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